The Rich Martial Arts Tradition of Aikido

Though a number of men and women actually study martial arts, many more are familiar with the moves and styles because they’ve watched plenty of motion pictures that display them. If it wasn’t for the films starring Steven Seagal, the martial art of Aikido wouldn’t be nearly as popular as it is now. This martial art has gone from relative obscurity to being pretty highly regarded and liked everywhere. Though some of the martial arts date back centuries in Asia, Aikido is actually one of the newer ones, having been developed in Japan in the 1940s.

The individual who developed Aikido was Morihei Ueshiba, a man who began studying martial arts after watching his father beaten by local gangsters. He became determined to get retribution against the thugs and become as strong as he could. By applying himself faithfully, he grew to be a skilled and dreaded martial artist. He learned a great deal and picked up certificates in spear fighting, fencing and jujitsu. Even with his successes and growing popularity as a martial artist, however, he was left unsatisfied. He started to look inward and explore spirituality to obtain a much better understanding of things. He determined that the spiritual and physical components of martial arts mustn’t be separated.

Ueshiba combined a variety of martial arts with his new faith based understanding and introduced Aikido, a new martial art. The original name that he gave this martial art was Aikibudo, but later on changed it to Aikido in the 1940s. This kind of martial art took elements from many others, from aiki-jujitsu to different forms of weapons training. The cornerstone of Aikido is harmonizing opposing forces, but it’s an excellent form of self defense in any case. Joint locks and throws are used, but the motions are fluid and natural, with the practitioner concentrating on keeping centered at all times. Despite its spiritual characteristics, Aikido is also very practical, as Ueshiba made it to be an effective kind of self defense.

Despite the fact that Aikido has aspects of philosophy in it, it shouldn’t be viewed as a dogmatic belief system. It believes in harmony and peace of the spirit. Ueshiba always believed the human body can do anything anything, when a higher spiritual power was reached. He evolved from being a young man in search of revenge to a one who desired to use Aikido to harmonize the world.

You’ll find incredible results with the development of Aikido to America. With his flicks, Steven Seagal has been the most famous in demonstrating the power and harmony of Aikido to everyone. If you are interested in learning Aikido, there are now a lot of dojos that teach it all over the world.
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Studying Tae Kwon Do Can Be Good For Defending Yourself

Tae Kwon Do Is Something You’ll Be Able To Use To Protect Yourself

Envision spinning kicks high in mid-air that happen to be as rapid as a snake’s strike, and you have Tae Kwon Do, a martial art form that people are now familiar with around the world. It was first founded in Korea, and has been around for ages. Patterns, sparring, self-defence and breaktest are the four disciplines that comprise Tae Kwon Do. Perfecting all four disciplines forms the cornerstone a student has to master before being awarded any of the advanced belt rankings. A student has to pass an examination to be granted a higher belt.

There are not any age restrictions with Tae Kwon Do, and even small children can master it. Games are the channel utilized to teach them about respect while simultaneously they learn to react quickly and to know the limits of their abilities. The rules applying to kid’s competitive events are not the same as those for adults. Kids are only permitted to kick or punch to the body and not to the head, even though they are sporting full body protection. The competitions are what makes Tae Kwon Do so attractive to its students. Without the tournaments there won’t be nearly as many participants in this art.

As competitive as the competitive events get, they are a lot of fun to watch. Many individuals think the tournaments to be very dangerous, but they are really nowhere so terrible as Muay Thai fights. All the competitors wear full protection, even wearing head gear. Kicks to the head are permitted for adult challengers, but blocking these is no problem for many fighters. There should be a particular level of experience before any of the stylists can participate in any competitions. It takes many years to become sufficiently good to win. Participants in competitive events find it broadens their experience, and this happens faster when they fight against stylists from different nations.

You need to ensure that the skill of each and every fighter is fairly similar. There isn’t any real contest when an individual with a black belt fights an individual rather unskilled, such as a white belt student. As a style of martial art, Tae Kwon Do provides you with the ability to do fantastical manoeuvres in addition to the basics of blocking, punching and kicking. You can certainly locate a venue where this art is taught given its world-wide base of enthusiasts. You’ll not be disappointed if you take up this martial art of Tae Kwon Do, as you will learn a lot including self defense.

Self-defence is an oft-quoted reason for enrolling in martial arts classes. If the amount of violence widespread in society worries you, you may want to master self-defense. Even if you aren’t a violent individual, it’s not a bad idea to be familiar with self defense.

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